LM3 Technologies, Inc. will continue to improve our test system offerings to service the seat manufacturing industry as well as new manufacturing industries with a focus on improvements in both hardware and software:

  • LM3 has a patent pending for distributed testing focussed on testing by time versus arbitrarily splitting testing among several stations.
  • LM3 is currently working on a single board testing system based on our version 5 controls to redevelop our rack mount tester control hardware for improved modularity and time and cost to manufacture.
  • LM3, an ISO 9001 certified corporation, is in the beginning stages of planning for ISO 17025 accreditation in order to be able to perform third party calibrations for all testing applications.
  • We will focus attention on wireless controls including test connectors to allow for up line distributed test systems.
  • Development of robotic systems for unmanned testing.
  • Continuous software improvements to allow our sequencer to do additional parallel testing, data storage and manipulation, advanced data analysis, and partial testing to distribute testing across multiple production stations to better control cycle time.
  • Offering a hardware version using a Seimens S7, Contrologix, or Mitsubishi PLC as the DAQ device.
  • Continue increasing our customer base which added TC Industries, Futuris, and Tesla in the past year alone.