Testing Products Hardware and Accessories

LM3 Technologies, Inc. offers a standard line of test systems including measurement hardware and control software but most systems require custom hardware to connect the standard parts of the system to the device under test (DUT).

To complete our test systems, LM3 Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures custom hardware in the form of measurement channel breakout boxes to connect our standard test systems to the DUT. Additionally, some applications require custom emulation hardware, hand held testing tools, and vision systems to thoroughly verify the functionality of the DUT.

Features And Specifications


Component based testing often times means testing partial circuits which would normally connect to black box type devices when installed in the complete and final assembly. In order to ensure all circuits are tested under the partial circuit scenario, LM3 Technologies develops custom hardware for testing applications including but not limited to:

  • Emulation circuit boards and hardware for sub-assembly testing
  • Conditioning boards for unique analog measurements
  • Hardware interfaces and breakout boards for accessing IO signals on embedded controllers
  • RS485 communications based multiplexing boards with built in system test circuits
  • Adapter hardware to connect disparate control systems
  • Handheld devices for parts presence and custom poka yoke mechanisms
  • Photoelectric sensor, laser sensor, and vision systems for parts presence, conformity, and/or placement applications


  • Multilayered and high amperage trace circuit boards for custom emulation based testing applications and multiplexing
  • Proven communications standards and protocol development for custom embedded controls design
  • Short circuit and high voltage surge protection on circuit boards running in harsh 24/7 manufacturing environments
  • 3D modeled handheld devices for unique poka yoke requirements
  • NI, Keyence, SICK, Cognex and Banner Engineering vision system and sensors for parts presence and conformity applications
  • Adapter hardware protocol development to adapt any control control component to work with your existing control system


LM3 Technologies, Inc. has leveraged its expertise in custom hardware solutions to ensure a Six Sigma approach to the elimination of defects. The following examples demonstrate the use of this expertise in the production environment:

  • Mirror, pedal, and steering column emulation hardware for testing all circuits controlled by the memory seat module(MSM)
  • Climate control system emulation for testing dual climate control modules (DCCM)
  • Analog to digital converter board for outputting a discrete signal to a PLC for each state of a multi-state but defined analog signal such as a current limiting or resistive seat belt buck sensor(SBS)
  • Interface board for breaking out and conditioning the IO on NI’s Compact Vision System(CVS)
  • Multiplexer system for switching up to 192 test channels for DUT with a high density of test circuits
  • Handheld haptic motor test mechanism utilizing accelerometers to detect the correct routing of the harness connections in order to verify the correct motor is activated for safety purposes
  • Handheld device controls for adapting sensors on device to compatible signal for integrating with conveyor or machine controller
  • Vision based tester accessory for detecting the presence of an e-clip on a sub-assembly