Manufacturing Consulting

Being a producer of custom test systems and software for over 20 years, LM3 has been involved in developing solutions to meet the most challenging technical needs of diverse customers within the automotive manufacturing industry. LM3 employs the following practices when providing consulting services.

  • Start by understanding the business users needs and expectations in order provide solutions which take into account which requirements are unique versus those which can be solved by already proven ones.
  • Apply the right technology to the challenge at hand.
  • Be prepared to explain why a customer’s expectation are unrealistic and provide alternative options.
  • Breakdown the overall solution into manageable sub-solutions and prioritize based on dependencies.
  • Use xFEMA and software modeling(UML) to identify the risks within the project and theoretical solutions in order to build error handling and scaling into the solution.
  • Review and validate the status of the sub-solutions as preset milestones are crossed.
  • Be prepared to change course if the sub-solution is overly complex, fails validation, or a better solution becomes apparent.
  • Involve the customer as often as their time and resource allow. Having an open dialog with an involved customer yields the highest degree of success.
  • Though it should not be expected, expect adversity as part of reaching the final solution to avoid stifling innovation.
  • Test often and thoroughly.
  • Listen to and work with the system operators in the launch phase to work through the final development process.
  • Verify the solution meets customer requirements and optimize.

Follow these links for a more detailed description of our manufacturing consulting services:

Testing Technology:

As LM3 core competency, we have over 20 years of experience in end of line and in line 100% production testing primarily for the automotive industry using both PLC and PC based controls.

Software Products and Services:

LM3 provides standardized and custom software solutions for test management, quality control, general automation, manufacturing execution(MES), and SQL storage and data management.

Automation Design:

LM3 utilizes both AutoCAD Inventor Product Design Suite and SolidWorks for mechanical design. Combined with our extensive knowledge base in mixed signal (analog and digital) controls, LM3 can provide and support turn key systems in the long term.

System Validation and Calibration:

In the event you are uncertain about the functionality of a system built by another company, LM3 is capable of calibration and validating the system as well as providing consulting services for improvement purposes.