Machine Vision System

LM3 Technologies deploys off the shelf small form factor PCs in conjunction with PLCs to provide a low-cost vision system capable of image processing for up to (4) 42MP color cameras. Utilizing Deep Learning AI models and an on board server, we offer a next generation self contained vision system capable of industrial inspection using deep learning to reduce the deployment time and the cost of human configuration and program maintenance using traditional machine vision.

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Testing Technology

Currently on its fifth generation of function tester, LM3 combines the facility of a reduced yet durable hardware system with the flexibility and adaptability of its generalized test sequencer capable of both Delphi PODS calibration and end of line function testing.

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Software Solutions

LM3 applies open source and custom developed software solutions to improve our customers’ performance through data acquisition, data management, data analysis, technical collaboration tools, and shop floor controls.

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System Validation and Calibration

Since manufacturing its first test systems, LM3 quickly recognized the need to be prove functionality through careful calibration and validation, and therefore began manufacturing validation systems for functionality verification.

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Capabilities And Customers


LM3 Technologies, Inc. product line and services provides solutions for the pillars of industrial automation; embedded controls including PLC based systems for assembly and packaging; PC based software for SCADA, data acquisition, and product testing; MES and traceability; SQL database design and implementation; mobile computing; data mining and analysis; vision acquisition and analysis; and robotics.


LM3 Technologies, Inc. primarily serves the auto industry including Faurecia Automotive Seating and Interiors, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, and Tesla Motors and the following automotive brands and production lines:

  • Tesla Motors Model X and S seating at the Newark, CA production facility.
  • Ford P558 in Simpsonville and Louiseville, KY.
  • Chrysler UF in Sterling Heights, MI
  • Mercedes NA in Vance, AL
  • GM 31xx in Wentzville, MO
  • Nissan H61L, L42L, P42M, & X61L in Canton, MS
  • Yanfeng NA Automotive Interiors in Holland, MI, Riverside MO, & others.

In an effort to protect our valued customers' IP, we have blurred out product and production line images on this website. Please contact us if you would like further information and customer references.

Product History

LM3 Technologies, Inc. products have evolved through a continuous improvement process centered around iterative advancements as part of a strict engineering process. Coupling engineering with quality control, LM3 is able to provide its customers with cutting edge technology which is both innovative and robust enough to operate in a 24/7 automotive manufacturing environment. We will continue to advance our existing product line by adding the features and system support required to satisfy the industry 4.0 objectives. The following timeline details our End of Line(EoL) test products evolution.

Product History
  • 2017
    LM3 starts development process for adding vision and robotic support to EoL Test Management Software
  • 2016
    LM3 begins development on wireless controls to support quality control systems
  • 2014
    LM3 redesigns operating system in preference of a generalized sequencer
  • 2012
    LM3 advances original software operating system for cDAQ hardware support
  • 2012
    LM3 redesigns main control system with NI cDAQ controller
  • 2009
    LM3 produces a rack mount controls system with PCB multiplexers
  • 2008
    LM3 Technologies, Inc. is formulated to service LMS's existing EoL Product Line
  • 2001 – 2007
    LMS Manufactures EoL Testers for Several Seat Manufacturing Plants in NA and Asia
  • 2001
    LMS produces 1st PC Based EoL Tester
  • 1998
    LMS Select Labview as PC Based Controls Development Platform
  • 1995
    LMS-Walt, Inc produces 1st EoL Tester (PLC based)