Latest Updates

  • Edmund Rosewright, lead software developer at LM3, completes MS in Computer Science.
  • LM3 ports the OpenDataKit to a virtual machine capable of running on any server or PC for use in mobile based data collection for use in quality control on contract from Yanfeng Automotive Interiors and US Farathane.
  • As part of our own Quality Management System(QMS), LM3 implements the above server for use in quality inspection and traceability.
  • LM3 is certified for the ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • LM3 completes development of our PAQi system for machine vision applications.
  • LM3 utilizes Deep Learning AI to classify door panel fasteners for use in verifying parts presence as a general exercise in deep learning.
  • LM3 signs MSA with Yanfeng Automotive Interiors for providing software development and consulting services for manufacturing and quality control systems.
  • LM3 received a provisional patent for distributed testing focused on testing by time versus arbitrarily splitting testing among several stations.
  • LM3 refines the PAQi for general use in quality control systems including data acquisition for OEE reporting.