LM3 Technologies, Inc. will continue to improve our quality control system offerings to service the seat manufacturing industry as well as new manufacturing industries with a focus on improvements in both hardware and software:

  1. mDAQ system software improvements to move to web-based configuration and system monitoring.
  2. Developing a distributed machine vision analysis engine for centralizing image processing to reduce licensing requirements and overall costs.
  3. OEE system improvements to provide a means to manage inventory and provide web-based job scheduling.
  4. Integration of LinkedIn's OnCall notification server in all LM3 software systems
  5. Improve all software systems by migrating user interfaces to web-based application.
  6. Streamline PAQi manufacturing to increase yearly manufacturing capabilities
  7. Continue increasing our customer base which added Nitto, Yanfeng Interiors, and US Farathane in the past year.
  8. Consolidation of our vision system hardware and software, production monitoring system, and mDAQ to provide a means for controlling, monitoring, and analyzing large scale injection molding manufacturing operations